Project Planning Software

Handling projects have never been easier with the PMP tool where you never miss out on a minor detail which might be a major problem in the future. Our project management is highly advanced giving you a 360-degree view of every project which allows you to deliver your projects on time and have complete control over every aspect.

Project Type vs. Count, Timeline Of Projects, Available Projects:

Every project would be classified based on the industry type or many other factors. To classify them, this module would be able to filter every project aspect and the number of projects in the same category. Instead of searching or missing out on various projects, this would give you better light on the active projects in the pipeline.

What is the best way to examine data? With the help of graphical representation, all of your projects are well organized with the hours put in by every employee. It also allows you the clear picture of the timeline in which the projects have to be completed.

The available projects give you the entire history of the projects you are attending to. From the project name, type, the client, the status and the project end date, you would have enough information to control every project coming your way ever than before. With such a comprehensive software in your hands, no more delayed projects would become a possibility because with the detailed reports, missing a project would not be possible.

Project Management Software


Project Management Software

To characterize a project and its plan, a Project Manager (PM) may utilize the product to map the assignments and visually portray task interactions.

Allows you to create and assign the tasks, due dates and status reports.

Every report about the project completion can be shared and seen by everybody in the group. This would be a straightforward approach rather than every individual having every single report. With the documents on hand and with a specific motivation, the whole team would move in a coherent direction.

Project courses of events incorporate scheduled meetings, activity dates, and contacts that ought to naturally refresh all PM and partnering calendars.

Project management software encourages bug and error revealing, viewing, advising and updating for the concerned stakeholders.

Software tracks all the time taken by the projects and ensures that they are completed on time.

The wellbeing of the task decides its result. Here, a detailed summary can be distinguished with the case status, defects priority, defects type, issue aging test, the quality examination of the report, issue aging test, the whole group's commitment towards the defects lastly the defects progressive report giving you the completed bug report.

After the whole venture is finished and prepared to be deployed, the entire procedure of discharging the project ends up smooth.